18th August 2015 – Performance

‘Performance’ is the theme of this meeting, a celebration of the act of entertainment and art with fitting speeches of great quality and a fun session of Table Topics.

Toastmaster JonathanToastmaster Timothy

New blood Toastmaster Jonathan kicked off the evening with his first CC speech, ‘Icebreaker’, speaking to us about how he lived back in Penang and telling us about how far he’s come from his shy, inward childhood. We are given a great introduction to this fresh face and welcome him with open arms to the club, along with the rest of our new batch of Toastmasters. To many more speeches to come!

Toastmaster Timothy piques the interest of everyone in the room with his fourth CC speech, asking, ‘Do You Believe in Magic?’, going on to speak about the various types of magic that exists and the different genres that we see magicians perform under. He even shows us several impressive magic tricks of his own, proof of the preparation he put into delivering an attention-grabbing speech.

The last of the first set of speeches is finished by Toastmaster Liz with her fifth CC speech, ‘To Expect Immediate Results is a Bit of a Stretch’, who talks about having realistic dreams and how that can help overcome failure. She tells us stories from her past about how she has let herself down only to give up, and offers advice on how we can prove our abilities to ourselves and regain confidence. She finishes the speech by demonstrating a simple goal she has achieved, doing the splits.

Toastmaster Kohji Toastmaster Mervyn

After a hearty coffee break sans coffee, we return to some great speeches starting with Toastmaster Kohji’s sixth CC speech, ‘Period’, in which he humorously recounts to us his experiences with females on their monthly cycle and dropping some tips on how to tackle girls during that time of the month

Toastmaster Mervyn turns the comedic atmosphere into something more serious with his sixth CC speech, ‘Food Habits’, explaining the importance of eating healthy (ironic as he brought mamak noodles for us for coffee break) and providing three ways he has found effective to achieve healthy eating habits. He speaks about how one could convince themselves that they dislike junk foods in order to avoid it, and eat home-cooked meals to ensure that the food is healthy.

We end the nights speeches with the ever amazing Toastmaster Jo and his eighth CC speech, ‘Four Life-changing Blocks’. The audience is given quite the surprise to find that these blocks are Tetrominoes, characters in the infamous video game, Tetris. He compares life in the most beautiful way to the game of Tetris, explaining losses, failure, energy and drawing many other lines between the two to bring together a truly memorable speech.

Toastmaster Thivesh  Toastmaster IqraajToastmasters Adam and Jo

Finally, we come to everyone’s favourite part of the night, the Table Topics session. This week we had a fun set of Table Topics courtesy of Toastmaster Max, and giving our new Toastmasters the best kind of welcome – forcing them to give Table Topics speeches. We begin with Toastmaster Thivesh, who presents a delightfully confusing speech about being a secret agent magician. We go on to Toastmaster Casey, who gives a tear-jerking goodbye as a retiring singer. Toastmaster Iqraaj then gives a very Gordon Ramsay-esque performance scolding a chef for serving raw Turkey. We will never forget “No way! …José!” Toastmaster You Jin screams at her friend for now paying for her wedding before hand and decides to leave if she didn’t have the money. Toastmaster John speaks for the second time that night as a teacher whose philosophy is to not use markers in class. Finally, our kings of Table Topics, Toastmasters Adam and Jo, return as a duo to debate in front of Harvard representatives on who should be accepted.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night, as always.!


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