24th February 2015-Nostalgia

The theme of this weeks meeting was nostalgia, defined as a sentimental longing or affection for a period in the past. The meeting was kicked off by the Sargent at arms of the evening; Toastmaster Ann Li. She did a good job at the invocation, before handing the floor over to the Toastmaster of the evening, Toastmaster Deepan. The opening address was given by our Vice President Toastmaster Mohvindh.

The first CC Speech of the day was delievred by Toastmaster Lydia. This was her second CC Speech, in which she addressed the topic on “Why men should consider wearing skirts?”. It was indeed a very interesting and factual speech at the same time, as she spoke on the benefits men could potentially gain from if they wear skirts. The next CC Speech was Toastmaster Kohji, who was also delivering his second CC Speech. His speech was on Priorities. Toastmaster Kohji approached his topic of choice in a very unique way as he made his point by illustrating it through his personal experience over the Chinese New Year holidays. It was a fantastic speech with a very meaningful moral takeaway for all of us.

IMG_3450  IMG_3453    IMG_3468

The final speech of the first half of the meeting was a ninth CC Speech by Toastmaster Marion. His topic was one that was so applicable to everyone, as it was on “Why we should smile?”. Especially at times like this, when some of the members were going to sit for their mock exams and etc. It was an extremely cute speech in which he explored a cool presentation technique, by using his smartphone that was connected to the laptop to deliver his speech with visual aids.

After coffee break, we had two ACB Speeches, one by Toastmaster Shonia and the other by Toastmaster Jing Ru. Toastmaster Jing Ru’s first ACB Speech was on the story; Rip Van Winkle. He made us all cit around him in a circle while he told us the story, which was something very different and interesting in many ways. He told the story so well that we felt as if we were all in the story. The last speech of the day was by Toastmaster Shonia, giving her first ACB Speech titled “I Love London’. She spoke on her memorable and funny experience in Kings College London, which she visited a week ago.


As usual, Table Topics was the most awaited section of the agenda. This weeks table topics was conducted by Toastmaster Adam. Due to time constrains, we only managed to have three speakers for table topics. It was a mixture of deep quotes and some comedy here and there.

Altogether, it was a meaningful and good meeting for everyone. Until the next meeting!



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