10th February 2015 – Dancing With Life

photo (8)Exuberance is a trait that lights up the lives of people around those who possess it. It makes for a naturally cheerful and lighthearted environment in which many people can feel comfortable. It was the Word of the Day for this week’s meeting, complementing the theme, “Dancing With Life”. This session was a great one that kicked off well as everyone arrived on time and allowed the meeting to begin promptly after.

First Set

This week brought us an array of interesting and influential speeches, beginning with the 6th CC speech by Toastmaster Farah. She spoke to us about her experiences with anxiety as well as sharing with us several ways to cope with it if we ever face it. The lovely speech she gave provided us a lot of insight into anxiety, be it mild or serious, and inspired us all.

Her heartwarming speech was followed by Toastmaster Huang Jiang’s 8th CC project. He enlightened us on the technology behind high altitude wind energy and introduced us to the future, the BAT. His speech employed good visuals in order to help those of us who got lost in the physics and managed to help each and every member present understand his topic.

The third speech of the night was presented by Toastmaster Pau Ling with her 7th CC speech about the story of Aschenputtel, in which she continued the story she had left off in her previous speech. She educated us about the original writers of the older, popular Disney films known as the Brothers Grimm, encouraging us to spread the overlooked names behind the famous stories we know so well.

Second Set

A hearty coffee break preceded two impressive ACB speeches by Toastmasters Vanneeda and Mohvindh respectively. We were moved by the message TM Vanneeda helped us find in the musical Into the Woods, and even got to hear a little snippet of her beautiful voice as she gave an example of a song from the piece.

Toastmaster Mohvindh’s ACB project was delivered in the form of a seminar about health. What you would typically expect from a seminar on being healthy was thrown entirely out the window when Toastmaster Mohvindh told us to forget all about the objectives he had originally laid out and went into full beast mode. The room was in a constant state of laughter with this one, which really brought the Word of the Day into play.

photo (13)photo (14)

We ended the meeting with a set of wonderful table topics from Toastmaster Joanna, the first being a magnificent speech by Toastmaster Adam about life. It really made us think about the journeys we are on and how important it is to live life to its fullest while we still can. The mellow mood was brought back up by the next table topic, which involved Toastmasters Jo and Kohji playing Antony and Cleopatra in light of Valentine’s Day. The humour continued into the last topic of the night in which Toastmaster Iqmal had to show us what he would do if he returned home to find Kim Jong Un (played by Toastmaster Max) dead on the floor.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting with lots of hilarity and fun. Until the next meeting!


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