24th September (7.30 -10pm) : Defying Gravity

In the absence of Natalie due to her upcoming exams, I, Vanneeda Keowmang *inserts elaborate welcoming music here* shall attempt to fill her shoes!

On the 24th of September, we had our first ever two-and-a-half-hour meeting. It was a stretch and some would consider slight adversity, but in order to accommodate the increase in members, we needed to extend the duration of the meeting so everyone could gain the Toastmasters experience. The theme for this meeting was Defying Gravity – because as our VPE Carynn put it, holding a longer meeting and attempting to fit 5 CC speeches in one meeting was like trying to defy gravity.



The DP1 juniors were given a chance to become role players. And our little Kimchi Marion Kim happened to hold the role of TME for the first time. He delivered a perfectly concise description of the history of Toastmasters, a great effort for a first timer. Following that, the CC speeches began.

First up was Nadhirah Syalin with her liberating speech about Generation Y and how they (or rather, we) are never satisfied with what they have. Even though it was only her third CC speech, she used visual aids to make her speech that much more amazing than it already was. Following that was Natalie’s third CC speech. She spoke about a rather interesting topic – life lessons we can obtain from The Simpsons. The jubilant way in which she spoke about the topic made it obscenely obvious on how much she loved the show. Mohvindh then spoke on movies and their characters. The highlight of his speech was how he recited the joker’s famous lines from The Dark Knight, accent, tone of voice and all. I was personally blown away.

We were supposed to have a table topics session after that, but due to time restraint, it was cancelled. People did not mind, however, because that meant that we had a longer time for our coffee break!

The CC speeches resumed after coffee break, beginning with Darrell’s speech. It was trademark Darrell, with his elaborate hand gestures and movement. He began the speech by falling over on the step of the stage and landing flat on his face. After which he screamed for two seconds, stopped, brushed his knee, got up and said “oh i’m okay.” Darrell spoke about his bicycle and how he fell from his bicycle twice. The second time being only 4 days prior to this meeting. After that, Carynn gave her ninth CC speech on her upcoming exams and how stressed out and scared she is. She proceeded to warn the juniors about procrastinating and advised them to start studying now. She used the element of fear to convince them and make her point.

After the evaluations of the CC speeches, the table topics session began! For the first time, Jing Ru was the

Table Topics Master. He did an amazing job, preparing the various prompts. Shonia, Farah, Sammy, Hemi, Trisha and Huang Jiang spoke. For a few of them, it was their first time speaking.


As the table topics evaluator, I gave my constructive criticisms and praises to the various speakers.

After that, the ‘AH’ counter’s report was given by Huang Jiang. His report was very very detailed, explaining and pinpointing the speech gaps.


Trisha’s grammarian report was very detailed as well, correcting the speakers’ grammar and sentence structures.

Pau Ling’s timekeeper report was very detailed as well. The general evaluator of the evening, Keong, gave his overall impressions and feelings about the day’s meeting. He pointed out the fact that Carynn was definitely the shining star of the evening, as she acted as SAA in the place of Alicia, a speaker, an evaluator as well as the VPE. Keong mentioned that what Carynn did was defy gravity.

After some final announcements, Darrell gave his closing address and ended the meeting by reminding us about the next meeting – “Remember remember the 8th of October”. 



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