3rd September : Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Ukay Toastmasters Humorous speech competition

ImageOn the 3rd of September Ukay Toastmasters organized a Club Humorous Speech and Evaluation competition. It was a lively and light atmosphere as everyone gathered in the conference room beside the library of our school. We went straight into the speeches, with our first contestant being, Mohivndh! He warmed our hearts as he related the joy of having siblings. We could all relate to what it is to have siblings who stole the limelight, or to siblings who know how to cleverly play the victim up to mom, or to siblings who frequently display inclinations of killing us!



Next up was me! My title was how to avoid doing somImageething you really don’t want to do. It’s a really funny story how I found my topic. Actually, I was graciously bestowed this opportunity (ahem!) – forced upon this burden – to participate by my beloved VPE. And up till a couple of hours before the competition, admittingly, I was still trying to persuade her to give this opportunity to a more deserving candidate. Frustrated at my efforts she reasoned that I could have used the time I wasted trying to persuade her not make me do the speech to prepare for the speech! Of course I was trying every trick in the book to persuade her to let me off the hook – by clutching my heart and wheezing the word “chest pain”, by randomly shouting “my kidney!” and then distorting my face whenever I saw her – then she suggested that I did a topic on what I was doing! And that was how I came to make the speech. Of course I came quite unprepared, I was praying really hard too, but thank God! People liked it! 😀 and I won 3rd place! 😀


                The next contestant was Rami Shalabi – one of our latest editions to our Ukay Toastmasters Club! He talked about Arab culture, and related to us some of his childhood memories in a comical fashion -although, I think there was a hint of satire in it – but anyways, it was really interesting listening about what growing up as an Arab kid in the middle east is like.


                ImageThe next contestant was also a new edition to our Club, Vaneeda. She and Rami volunteered to be part of this Humorous Speech although they were still quite new – their courage and enthusiasm is commendable! She like Rami also presented a speech in regards to her culture. She talked about what Thailand is like, the schools where girls are forced to have mushroom haircuts, the public toilets with really tiny holes etc. Her lively and animated yet laidback style really captivated her audience. Everyone got her jokes – she was hilarious! She won second place!


     ImageLast but not least was our beloved president, Darrell Lim who coincidentally talked about culture as well but not one specific one, but cultures in general. He talked about how language shapes culture and vice versa. It was not only funny – with all of Darrell’s gestures and body language, tones etc. – but also meaningful. He reminded us of the importance of empathy and respecting other people from other culture. He won first place and is also representing us in the upcoming


                Overall it was a really good meeting, I am pretty sure everyone’s funny bone was tickled. It was a good time of bonding and getting to know one another too!



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