10th September: My country My home

10th September: Malaysia Day

During Toastmasters today almost everyone showed up in their traditional outfits as a pre-celebration of Malaysia Day.

As always our highlight of our meetings would be the Table Topics, and to our delight we had quite a number of volunteers who participated to be non-Malaysians – i.e Rami, Marion, Vaneeda J They had to answer questions like what they liked about Malaysia or what cultural aspect was foreign to them. We were all filled with pride to hear them relate to how the unity that we have was very admirable and how they appreciated the local culture.

Today, TM Mohvindh did his speech on something that he was very passionate about and that was rowing. He captivated us with his story about how he was introduced to the sport, why he persevered. He effectively used his body language to engage his audience, we were all enthralled by his movements and expressions.

Carynn did her speech on “relativity” with the aid of one of the best prezie presentations I have ever seen. Her prezie was full of animation that served to emphasize and highlight her points. It was like watching a movie. It was also on a very scientific subject however she related it to a key philosophy about life and the world we live in and that is, how everything is relative. She managed to deliver a very heavy subject in a fun and entertaining manner!

Darrell blew us away with his speech about a unique species of prawn. On the surface it may seem like just another plain old fact riddled speech however Darrell brilliantly incorporates a moral message that we can all appreciate. He explained about how this prawn could see a much wider range of the spectrum of color then us humans and as a result of this see the future in some sense. For example, it would be able to see whether an asteroid was heading for earth much earlier than we can, but even so, it doesn’t panic nor is it overly concerned with the future. It goes on living a simple life, enjoying day to day. The concept here is that we ought not be concerned about the future and things we can’t change but just live one day at a time and enjoy the moment 🙂


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