13th August – The Innocent Mind

Often times we associate innocence with naivety, but during today’s Toastmasters, innocence was looked at from a whole new angle. The theme for this week’s meeting was “The innocent Mind”, and coincidentally, today was the first meeting that the “new batch” arrived as today marked the beginning of a new semester!  A few of our “fresh blood” had a chance to have a go at the table topics, but being the creative genius that Darrell – our one and only beloved president is, his topics took a while for the participants to wrap their heads around because of their unanticipated nature. Nonetheless, because of their young and open – “innocent mindsets” – they were able to talk discuss their topics in an explorative and interesting way, relating it to the their individual ideas and experiences.


After the Table Topics, we had the joy of chatting each other up over pizza. Our toastmasters had an innocent mind as they freely talked and laughed with the newcomers. Their minds were innocent from snap judgments and assumptions, that people are sometimes so easily inclined to make.


Darrell also really showed us what it means to have a mind that is innocent to the norms, during his audacious 6th CC speech this week. He talked about communication, but from his diction, body expressions, and just… Darrellness as a whole… he really blew us away with his speech. It felt like I was watching a movie, I could imagine literally standing at the subway as he described it, sitting around with my siblings listening to the radio during the olden times when televisions had not yet been invented – it was a plethora of sensory imagery! Not only that, in his passion for sound, for words, for our ability to communicate using the human voice – he went as far to denote a divine element to his subject. He used the word “soul” very often. Although it was pointed out that his speech was a little too abstract, nonetheless he really embodied this week’s theme when he audaciously decided to go to an extreme with his speech. His young and innocent mind didn’t know the fear of rejection or failure, but adventurously looked beyond his comfort zone, beyond tried and true methods of speaking, into the realm of innovation and invention.


Also, another wonderful surprise was the return of our dear Toastmaster Mani! Who was away in Australia for a time being!




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