23rd July – Unconditional Living

ImageHello again! Welcome to Ukay’s Toastmasters, blog! Apologies for the late update but here is the latest one! The theme for this week was “Unconditional Living”. For today’s update, instead of simply relating the events of the meeting, I thought I would share with you my personal experience instead, because I feel that it relates a lot to the theme, and usually, the blogs I write relates to the theme, and I try to relate all the events that happen throughout to it.

Today’s table topics were done by TM Manuel and he did an excellent job in using visuals to aid this activity. His topic was, if you had _______(whatever was on the picture) who would you give it to and why. It was great fun as there were pictures of roast turkey set on a elegantly laid out dining table, a trip to Cambodia, an ASTRO television set etc. The speakers did a wonderful job in presenting what they thought, it felt like I could smell the roast turkey, imagine Mr Sammy sitting next to his mother and enjoying a pleasant dinner with her, perhaps talking about the good old times or Mr Manuel’s underprivileged child experiencing Cambodia, with all its sights and sounds! It was a plethora of visual and auditory stimulus! I was the table topic evaluator and I conveyed and expressed my thoughts clearly, although I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare.


However, after coffee break, I had to come to confront with the fact that I wasn’t always going to be lucky. Today’s invocation was, “Don’t ignore reality or run away from it. Simply transcend it. You are more than your circumstances, you are more than your problems, more than your burdens”. So this week was my turn to give my second CC speech, and I kept postponing preparing for it, as I told myself I had many more important things to do. But today, I was confronted by the fact that, I gave a half hearted job and hence a half hearted result by my evaluator. These words really stung! I began to realize that I had procrastinated because, I was afraid of failure (ironically, I was doing a speech on procrastination! – and I came to know this through the research I did!). I realize that I was procrastinating doing this speech because I didn’t want people to think that I was a bad speaker, and if I prepared last minute, and didn’t do a good job at least I could console myself or justify myself, but today’s honest evaluation helped me come to terms with reality. Although it was hard, by God’s grace, I “transcended it”. I told myself, I was not going to allow it to define me, I was going to learn from it, I was not going to be crippled by it, but rather made stronger and wiser by it J and I have been slowly overcoming this syndrome ever since! And if you can relate to this, I encourage you to do the same with fortitude! (Our word of the day! – which means courage in pain or adversity 🙂


TM Manuel also did his 8th CC Speech where he shared his experience as a sailor using, again, powerful visuals! He wore his sailor suit, showed us the sort of boat he worked on,  a clip of what it would have looked like inside… it was really a job well done! It was really interesting as most of us aren’t too familiar with the sailor occupation.  Nonetheless, there were areas that were pointed out, where he could improve, and he took it positively! He showed fortitude, when he accepted both acclaim and criticism.


Although, this week’s meeting may have been a little dull due to the poor attendance, nonetheless, let’s make it our aim to “transcend” it. To look forward to the next meeting, to tell ourselves that we are more than our mistakes, or our past failures, today is a new day, the next meeting is a new meeting!



2 thoughts on “23rd July – Unconditional Living

  1. whoever is writing this,…u certainly done well,…but it can be made brief so that less time needed to write, afterall, thats what ukay tmc needs,..publicity.

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