25th June 2013 – You’re the deciding factor

25th June Toastmasters 

You’re the deciding factor

ImageToday’s meeting attendance brought both good news and bad news.

The good news was that, a lot of new faces showed up – the UK teachers from the school at which we have our venue, African exchange students, and a UK teacher too from another school. It was such a joy to have more people fill the room, but the down side to today was, that our anticipated guest, who was suppose to give a motivational talk didn’t show up.

Although the committee must have been tempted to get upset at the change of plans, not to mention, the disappointment of our guests who came being told that there was going to be a motivational talk, they were resilient and carried on anyway, and so we ended up having a fun time with our table topics, with our feast of a break/, with Darrell’s ever constantly brilliant CC speeches, with the lively evaluation and feedback… we took a hit but just kept moving forward.

Some of the guests really liked the theme and quote as they said they could relate it back to their own lives when we asked them for feedback at the end of the session. Ms. Natalie, a UK teacher from Fairview said that Table Topics was something really new for her, in spite of her being a teacher, she found it quite stimulating to have to think on the spot, and give a speech about a random topic. Mr. Sam said he appreciated the lively and welcoming atmosphere. So three cheers, ukay toastmasters for your warmth!

Although, our plans for the evening fell through, but I can genuinely say, I have never seen everyone so happy and lively before! From the Toastmaster of the evening, to the grammarian to the General Evaluator to the guests – everyone was just absolutely enthusiastic and full of gaiety. We truly are the ones who decide whether something is a good situation or a bad one – YOU’RE THE DECIDING FACTOR!!!



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