11th June 2013 – Absurdity in Wonderland

ImageHow whimsically morbid you may say? Well, the world does operate on crazy people – the crazies are those who dare to believe in something more, who dare to dream bigger, who dare to hope for something better against all odds – they are the people who change the world! How do you become one of the crazies? Well… a prominent characteristic of this elite group of people is their courage. The development of this quality begins with the first step…

ImageToastmaster Keong did a Table Topic today entitled, “What advice would you give a new born baby”. He said that he would tell the baby to not be afraid to try, to be unafraid to fall and most importantly, unafraid to get back up. What wise words…it’s true that people don’t succeed not because they fail, but because they refuse to get back up!



On that note on fear of failure however, there’s a quote that goes “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but at succeeding at things that don’t really matter.” Toastmaster Mahboob, for his project speech today shared with us a very epiphanic truth encapsulated in a parable and explained by his own life experiences. He talked about how he had been “chasing” down happiness all his life – how when he was younger he was told that if he studied hard and got into engineering school then he will be happy, so he did that and when he finally got into engineering school, he found that all the stress from assignments and exams didn’t make him happy, then he thought that if he worked hard now and got a good job then he will be happy, and it did that, and he still wasn’t ultimately happy… he said that it was all a repetitive unending cycle – how true! It’s a well heard of adage, but is sadly not grasp tightly enough! Happiness is about enjoying the moment, it’s about the realization that life is short and is not worth being wasted accumulating wealth you might never even get to use, it’s about spending time with people you care about, it’s about being true to yourself and it’s about loving ourselves and those around us!

ImageCourage was also displayed when a guest who had not been to toastmasters in years decided to drop by for the first time ever, when a visitor from another Toastmasters club requested to do her project speech in our club, when one of our toastmasters did her first ever CC Speech, when people volunteered to do the table topics, when our Committee decided to try out the drama room as a venue for toastmasters… ludicrous aren’t they?


If you would like to be crazy too… take the first step and be a part of our Toastmasters Club! (That is if you are not already a member!) Hope to see you next meeting and thanks for reading!


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