A new hope

I will apologize in advance if I am not able to capture the full essence of the phrase “ A New Hope” – as I haven’t followed Star Wars faithfully enough… Nonetheless, this phrase is pretty significant because it would be the first time the new EXCO members stepped up and played their roles. As Darth Vader once said, “The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.” Image

As epic as some beginnings are, truthfully, ours wasn’t. Less than a handful of people had showed up – but then again, time and time we’ve seen how great things can come from humble beginnings. Although we were initially a little discouraged, our wise TM Yap reprimanded us for our negative perspective and made us realize that regardless, even if there is just a couple of people amongst us, we should act as if the room was packed with people, just eager to participate and listen – we should see things positively.

ImageOn that note, Alicia gave an inspiring speech about her hero, Nick Vuijicic. The man who was born without arms and limbs – as she related how in spite of everything, he has accomplished so much – it dawned on us that being positive is a choice. How very coincidentally related indeed!

Also, we are very proud of our new TM Mahboob taking the stage again to do his second CC Speech. He related to us about world issues and how it impacted him and brought him to where he is right now; how he had struggled, how he lost his passport – and from that, I think most of us could see how these experiences didn’t make him bitter, but stronger. He had resilience. He was a new TM but yet he was bravely taking the stage for the second time. He could have felt defeated and afraid of failure after all he experienced but he didn’t.

With such spirited and hopeful members, even in our small circle, I am more than confident that Ukay Toastamsters will set out to achieve great things soon enough!!! 😀Image


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