14th May 2013 – Why Me? (Exco Meeting)

ImageThe theme for this meeting was “WHY ME?” which was in accordance to the EXCO selection held. It was an appropriate theme because it made us all think for a moment why is it we are here today and why were certain roles given to us in toastmasters meeting as well as in life.

During the EXCO election, the nominees gave a short speech on why they think they deserve the role and what would they contribute to it. It gave the fellow toastmasters confidence to vote for their club’s future leaders. After the voting was made, it was decided that the new committee members were to be as follows:

President – TM Darrell
Vice President Education – TM Carynn
Vice President Membership – TM Manuel
Vice President Public Relations – TM Natalie
Sergeant at Arms – TM Alicia

Congratulations to all the selected committees. We are confident in our new club leaders and we are assured that our new committee would lead Ukay toastmasters to greater achievements in the future.

Following that, due to time constrain the table topics session was called off and we went straight into the coffee break time. Everyone had a good meal time as always and not a single scrap of food was left. After the coffee break we were back on schedule and moved into the CC speeches.

First off was TM Mohvindh giving his #3 CC Speech on the topic “Get to the Point”. He based his speech on how to be a good leader. His speech was related to the election that took place as well as the theme of the meeting. His speech was informative and concise and it was very much relatable by the new committee members. TM Mohvindh closed off his speech with an inspiring quote which gave his speech the strength of character.

After that TM Darrell proceeded with his #4 CC Speech on the topic “How to Say it”. He talked about the absurdity of flying which was basically about the tedious procedure needed to check in before boarding a flight. His gestures and body language as well as the words he used made his speech very animated and lively. He ended his speech with something for the audience to take home by saying how going through the process of scanning and checking in made him feel safe in flying 20,000ft in the air, and that gave his speech an added value.

Overall it was a good and productive meeting as we had selected our future committee member and showed that we are ready to let our EXCO move on and have faith in the new members to lead Ukay Toastmasters into a new chapter.Image


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