23rd April 2013 – Live the way you want

This week’s post is brought to you by TM Jamie.


As the title says, the theme for today’s meeting is ‘Live The Way You Want’. In today’s meeting, we’ve had an insightful Table Topic’s session chaired by our Table Topics Master TM Alicia Lam.




Our table topics revolved around success, goals and life experiences, highlight the theme of living the way you want as boldly and loudly as one could with no regrets. TM Fatimah, TM Carynn, TM Arul, TM Manuel and TM Amanda took their shots in this session. One of the captivating impromptu speeches that were delivered was by TM Amanda. She mentioned that one will never stop chasing success. People can be happy even without sufficient necessities as success isn’t really about getting more but rather what you have right now, that is happiness and gratitude.



Our first project speech today was delivered by TM Kousalya. Her speech was entitled “Home Sweet Home”, where she effectively brought forward a few ideas to enhance the environment in our homes to tighten the bonds between one another in a family.



Our second speech was by TM Carynn. Her speech was about her experience in Escape, which is an adventure park in Penang. The objective of her speech was to deliver the speech with sufficient body language and appropriate gestures. It was definitely a job well done and the audiences enjoyed her speech very much with her very animated actions and drawings.



Our third speech was TM Manuel’s seventh project speech! TM Manuel delivered an interesting speech about women leaders in the world. The females were definitely very intrigued by his speech about women power, but the males were not any less interested! TM Manuel has definitely delivered this project speech with much success.



On the ending note, TM Emma from the Tiger’s Club, who was present as a guest tonight gave us her feedback on the flow of the meeting of our club tonight. She gave us many constructive feedbacks that would help improve the quality of our club and we’re very thankful for that! Thank you TM Emma!

PS: We here’s what we had for break! 😀



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