9th April 2013 – Laugh Out Loud

This week’s post is brought to you by TM Darrell Lim.


As eventful of a meeting as any others, the Ukay Toastmasters club continues on with another exciting session. Especially with its unorthodox theme, of to “Laugh Out Loud”.


With such an odd theme, the meeting proved to be a different experience than most before it. However at Ukay Toastmasters we strive to take in any challenge, regardless of what it may be.


And with every exciting Toastmasters meeting, comes one of the most essential event, the table topics. Toast Masters Movindh Proves the literal may be tougher than it’s metaphorical counterpart, as he takes the name “Toastmasters” on a literal scale, with his take on “how to give a toast”.
Let us not forget our Project speeches, where Toastmasters alike strive to improve their capabilities with the aide of constructive criticism.


Toastmaster Amanda gives her 3rd project speech, as she displays her concerns about the environment. The young toastmaster talks with the courage and stance of her elders, as she shows mastery of the art of public speaking.

Toastmaster Darrell Gives his 3rd project speech as well, focusing on a fresh take on what a conventional speech should be. However, with a topic such as “What not to do for a speech”, it would seem odd to bring in new ideas. Fortunately the toastmaster pulls through with what may be dubbed “eccentric”.


That’s all for this week, be sure to come back for more posts about our upcoming Toastmasters Meetings.


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