22nd Jan 2013 – Time to improve

Hello Nurul’s here, will be replacing Amanda for this post only since she weren’t there for the meeting. So as the title stated that today’s meeting is about Time to improve! We have been receiving and welcoming lots of guest and new faces. And there was this one form four student  who happened to be with us because she heard the news from her school and straight away asked her mum to bring her here. I really respect her for her effort and I hope she found the meeting worthwhile and alot more to be discovered.

Toastmaster Mani also brought along his beautiful wife with him to join us that day. The meeting started a bit late that I think we should really consider the theme haha.

And also, I myself have been doing my second speech entitled “free”. Seems a very broad topic to be shared but I managed to make it done by the time given and I definitely will improve more based on the feedback given by our acting president, thanks KK!

For all the guest – I really hope you guys will be joining us soon!




Thats all from me, I hope Amanda satisfied with what I wrote haha later!

Roger and out,



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