25th September 2012 – Taking the Next Step


We had a few role players missing today due to unforeseen circumstances, and it was great to see how other members so willingly fill in for them, all calm and controlled 🙂

Nurul did her CC #1 speech, infused with friendliness and down-to-earthness which really makes you relate to her. Kousalya and Manuel both did their CC#3 speech. From Kousalya, we learned how we can take small steps to save the environment, and from Manuel, we learned NOT TO SMOKE!


Thanks Mark (Sergeant-at-arms) for the wonderful pizza! We UkayToastmasters really like our classified chicken. First time I’ve seen the food being cleared so fast, and first time I’ve heard people complaining that they didn’t get enough food!

We also had an impromptu Chinese Whispers session, where a message is passed from one to the next by whispering up till the very end. Lets just say the last message does not resemble the original message in anyway. It gave everyone a good laugh, and also highlighted the importance of pronunciation and enunciation when we speak.

All in all, it was a good meeting and I hoped everyone enjoyed themselves. Look forward to our next few meetings! There is a special theme coming up… 😉


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