Invitation from Melia Hotel

This is an announcement by our president, Tang Mo.


Hi toastmasters!
I’m sorry for short notice, but here is a very important piece of news, please acknowledge.

This September 18, there will be toastmaster meeting held at Melia Hotel, 6 p.m.

Looking at the schedule, it will be just like every other toastmaster meeting but all the roles will be conduct by the very experienced toastmasters who have been in this coterie for quite some time.The purpose of this meeting is to show how the various roles should be carried out. It also would be beneficial for any of you who attend as you will be able to experience the toastmaster meeting conduct by other club; you will see the differences and similarity. Also, any of you who still consider yourself a new member and want to know more about ‘who-do-what’ in the meeting, this is the best textbook you will ever get.

So, simple, if you go.. it will be worth it

Anybody who is interest to go, please leave your name ‘here’ before 17 September.

Thank you
– Tang Mo, President of Ukay Toastmasters Club

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