7th August 2012 – Failure is the Mother of Success

First of all, we had a surprisingly small number of members turn up today, including a few of our old members, Jen Li, Li Ann and Pei Lim. We also had a guest, Maureen Tan. I understand lots of students went home for holidays, and some senior members were confused about the meeting dates. My apologies. I’ll post the meeting dates on the blog from now on.

Our Immediate Past President, Pei Lim, graced us with her 10th speech, which struck a chord in me. Why did I join Toastmaster club? Because I wanted to improve my public speaking. Why did I do this, and that, and that? Because it was beneficial for me? Its all about me, me and how everything benefits me.

Maybe its time to shift from, “What can this club do for us?” to “What can I do for this club?”. What can I bring to the table? How can I use my experiences and skills to give back to the club?

Its hard to believe that we can make a difference in the world. We might not be the next Martin Luther King Jr., we might not be the driving force in ending racial segregation in the world, we might not cure cancer. But we can still do a lot. Like Pei Lim said, something seemingly small and insignificant, like a mosquito, can make a HUGE difference in the quality of our sleep, but we don’t always realize it.

Today, I realize the difference that our old EXCO members made. I didn’t realize this while they were here, but their absence showed me the importance of their job. They were the holding forces in the club, keeping everything running smoothly and constantly improving the quality of the club. When they left, we new EXCO members have much difficulty trying to keep everything running properly. I’d like to apologize on behalf of the entire EXCO team, the quality of our meetings have been lacking, this one especially. There is much to improve on, and I hope the senior members can lend us a guiding hand.

I hope that Pei Lim’s speech (and maybe this blog post) has spur you on to do something to make a positive difference. Be it in yourself, in your family’s life, in your workplace or in our toastmasters club. If all of us in this club make an effort to improve ourselves and the quality of the club by 5%, the quality of our meetings can go up to 100%! 20 x 5 = 100, no?

Information regarding next meeting:

The meeting on 21st August 2012 (Tuesday) is cancelled until further notice. Our President won’t be here and many students have returned to their hometowns for the holidays. New meeting dates will be posted soon. We also have a Facebook page now! Hopefully this will make it more convenient for the members to make inquiries and to receive updates.


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