10th July 2012 – The Magic of Believing

I loved today’s meeting 😀

Nurul was our Table Topics master today, and I loved the items she brought  – BEN 10 umbrellas, laundry scrubbers, clothes irons, makeup cases and more. Have you tried making an impromptu speech about BEN 10 umbrellas for 2 minutes straight? I haven’t, and I’m impressed by our speakers today, most of who volunteered themselves!

Madam President with our new guest, Celine, who shared many mother-in-law tales with us during the Table Topics session 😀

Who can resist roti canai, fried rice and yam cake at 9 PM?

W-What? When did chicken dance become part of our agenda?

In place of project speeches, we had a charades section! Everyone got to participate once, and it was nice to see everyone loose and casual while acting on stage.

Smiles and laughs. I liked today’s session.

A BIG THANK YOU to Nurul for taking the time to send me the huge batches of photos. Hope everyone enjoyed them.

Over and out,
Amanda Sia





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