26th June 2012: Unforgettable Mentors

First of all, congratulations to our new EXCO members who worked hard to make this meeting a success!

Tang, our president who held her first meeting did a great job, with the guidance of our more experienced members, as well as with the aid of our new VP of Education, Kousalya. She was calm and in control of the entire meeting. Our SAA Mark prepared great (and enough) food for everyone, and VPM Mani was very enthusiastic in persuading the new guests to sign up šŸ˜€

The new arriving class of DP 0514 has also brought us an influx of new guests! With around 20 guests in total today, our tea break was exuberant and filled with freshness. They were a pretty enthusiastic bunch!

Toastmaster Amanda (yours truly) gave her icebreaker speech, regarding her love of reading and learning Korean.Ā Toastmaster Serene Tan also delivered her second speech, giving us lots of tips on how to learn a new language.

The Table Topics session included a mixture of guests and members, and I have to say our guests did a great job with this being their first time. They were brave and confident in delivering their impromptu speech.

We missed our old EXCO members who didn’t turn up today. They’ve been busy with work, and hopefully they will find time to come back and visit!

Over and out,
VPPR Amanda Sia


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