12th June 2012: Let’s Welcome the New!

Let’s welcome the new! And wave the old farewell.

With a democratic and fair voting system, the new EXCO members for the next term are elected.

President – TM Tang

VP Education – TM Kousalya

VP Membership – TM Mani

VP Public Relations – TM Amanda

SAA – TM Mark

Secretary – TM Ron Low

Treasurer – TM Arul

I hope everyone is pleased with the selection since the club will be with them for the next year. To the new EXCO members, keep it up and enjoy this great experience!

The new and old EXCO members!
From left: Jen-Li, Victoria, Mark, Vicki, Amanda, Pei Lim, Tang, Arul and Kousalya

Apart from that, the usual meeting was carried out, and TM Tang, took up the Table Topics Master role for the first time, and did a great job. Her questions were very subjective, but still very hard to answer. Nevertheless, the speakers managed to nail it. Also, TM Kousalya delivered  her second project speech, about the Importance of Sleep. 

We also have a guest that day, her name was Apple. She was very brave, being just a guest, because she volunteered for a Table Topic speech. Hopefully she returns to be an official member.

On a side note, the Ukay Toastmasters Club has been awarded as the “Super Passionate Club”!! We’re super passionate 😉
The club was given a banner along with the bronze award .

Our Bronze “Super Passionate Club” Award.

The Banner. We’re in District 51.

In addition, I am sad to say that this will be my last post. A part of me is relieved from being able to get off of this duty, but a part of me feels like I’m losing something that I’m proud of. Nevertheless, bye bye!


3 thoughts on “12th June 2012: Let’s Welcome the New!

  1. Well done to the outgoing exco & welcome to the incoming! I will definatly pay a visit 1 day when I’m feeling better! Warm regards to all especially the founding members of Ukay TMC!

  2. Fantastic job done by the outgoing exco members. We wish you all the best and we will miss you for sure. A warm welcome to the new exco members and also to the new ordinary members.
    TM Mani

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