Double Update!

Sorry for the hiatus! It has been a hectic month and now that I’m free, it’s time for me to make up for the last 2 meeting updates.

24th April 2012: Be Inspired

Another change in our agenda! Oh, I love these changes. It brings us excitement and anxiety and surprises me all the time by how I enjoy them. Then it’ll leave me anticipating for more.

Once again taking off Humour Session, we had a Debate Session. It’s almost like a table topic, but it gives you a little time to do a little preparation. The topic will be given and the debators will be chosen on the spot. The debator for the topic will start, and was given 5 minutes to convince the crowd and the evaluator. Followed by the debator against the topic.

These are the respective debators on a certain topic:

TM Yap and TM Manuel – Technology makes relationship with children grow further apart

TM Amanda and TM Mani – Male is stronger than female

TM Arul and TM Jen-Li – Money is more important than love

It went pretty well, since every debator used the time given to them efficiently to express their thoughts. Despite that TM Yap’s misunderstanding of the topic, he managed to give a good speech!

15th May 2012: You’ve Got What It Takes

A little mistake by the EXCO, we couldn’t have the meeting in the usual venue. Nevertheless, we carried on our meeting with the same enthusiasm. TM Sabariah surprised us after such a long hiatus by showing up, with TWO guests! It was such a pleasure to have her back. Although she hasn’t been here a while, her speaking skills wasn’t rusty at all!

We hope to see you again TM Sabariah!

Moving on, our new members, TM Kousalya and TM Mark and TM Manuel did their first project speech – Ice Breaker. I’m sure after their speeches, we all know to be smart not to cross TM Kousalya , otherwise her brother will come for us. We also now know that TM Mark aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, and also, we would have never fathom that TM Manuel was once a marine.

Ah, what a productive meeting!


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