27th March 2012: My Earth, My Home.

I would say I was never more proud of the club. (“I” am representing the club)

First, it was so delightful to see our brand new members being so proactive, picking up roles on their first official meetings. TM Serene took up the Time Keeper role, TM Amanda the Grammarian and TM Kousyala the AH Counter.

Secondly, it was even more delightful that we had 3 surprise guests turned up this meeting. We didn’t expect any. However, 3 turned up! Thank you for joining us Mr. Manuel, Ezam and Fatimah! They were lucky too, because we chose to customize our meeting that day.

We took Humour Session off the agenda, and replaced it with an Earth Hour Session. Although the name of the event was irrelevant to the actual activity, we had a great time playing Charades . We pick out a lady and a gentleman, give both of them a message and they have to convey it to the audience – without speaking.

And of course, something that cannot be missed – TM Syafique’s first project speech. It was an ice breaker speech, so it’s basically about himself. Personally, this blogger thinks that the ice breaker speech is the best way to introduce yourself to the club.

Special thanks to TM Syafique, who has been promoting the club through his blog and twitter, which is actually the VPPR(yours truly)’s job. This blogger feels a tad bit embarrassed about it. It doesn’t matter who does the promoting as long as it helps the club, right?

If any of you readers are interested to see his blog, or his twitter, here it is:

Blog – motivationmy.com

Twitter – @syafique

Before I wrap up, thank you to the guests who showed up and gave us an opportunity to show you what Toastmasters is all about! I hope we made you feel comfortable and we’ll always welcome your presence again!


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