14th February 2012: Love is Everywhere.

Sometimes I think Ukay Toastmasters Club has a lot of love, because already twice in a row that its meetings fell on Valentine’s Day, including this specific meeting.

I guess the club will not blame the members who were absent since it’s Valentine’s Day. After all, and it’s more reasonable to spend it with your other half than with the club(unless V-Day is insignificant to you). Nevertheless, the meeting went on smoothly and productively as usual, of course.

To acknowledge the occasion, we made the table topic session a special one; one filled with love.  We wrote the topics in these handmade cards –

Maybe TM Arul needed more time to adapt to the environment of the new venue, but we were stunned to see that he was stuttering for the very first time.

TM Pei Lim and TM Chloe did their project speeches this meeting. TM Pei Lim’s topic matched the theme – it was The Myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. TM Chloe, on the other hand, made an interesting speech on the Chinese Language – Learning Mandarin.

Group photo!


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