10th January 2012: A New Beginning

It wasn’t just a new beginning, but a great beginning for the Ukay Toastmasters Club!

Our first meeting of the year as well as in our new venue was a big success. We had 12 guests this meeting, which is many compared to our usual guests attendance.

We tried our best to give our guests a good impression, and I hope we did! During the table topics session, they were given a chance to experience the excitement of giving impromptu speeches, and really get a feel of what Toastmasters is all about.

TM Li Ann made her 6th project speech on “Words are not enough” this meeting, and to our surprise, she was extremely well. We were very impressed by her leap of improvement and if we had to vote who was the best project speaker, it would be her!

TM Pei Lim did her 7th speech, as the president of the club she sounded impressive and inspiring as usual. Her topic was – “Just do it!”, encouraging us to stop procrastination(very relatable isn’t it?)

Overall, it was a very enjoyable and successful meeting!

Some of our guests: Tang, Serene, Cerena, Timothy and Olivia

TM Keong giving his table topics.

Everyone standing to read the invocation.

Our Miss President working hard rehearsing her speech!


4 thoughts on “10th January 2012: A New Beginning

  1. hahahah. yes. invocation was done by the grammarian, TM Mani, only during the meeting. Jen Li remembered very well because as SAA she’s the one who asked us to stand up and read the mission of the tm club.

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