8th of November: Everyone deserves to shine

We had 2 new guests this week: Another moment for Ukay Toastmasters to shine!
Colonel Hadi and Miss Rosnah were the two guests we gladly had for the meeting.

We tried something new this time by arranging the tables in a U shape instead of the normal straight line. That way it’s easier for us to hear the speaker.

TM Keong’s return was a great help. As the Table topics master, he prepared something new. A bag of names and a bag of topics; each guest had to pick one from each bag to choose the speaker and his or her topic.
Despite the difficulty of the topics this week, all of us managed to pull through.

TM Vicki and TM Li Ann did their fifth speech, and both exceeded the time span given.

This brings me to my next point: Toastmasters is not just about the ability to speak well in public, but to finish speaking in time.
Time management is a very crucial aspect, which is why we have the time keeper.

Keep it up everyone, practice makes perfect!


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