8th August 2011 : I am Worth it.

Surprisingly to our pleasure, we have more guests AND another new member! Not to mention a visit from our Area P5 Governor ,Gaya. There were 2 new guests, Chander and CK, whom left during coffee break but promised to come back when they can. Mani, although a guest, came for a second visit and will be officially a new member by next meeting. There was another new face too, TM Edward, who came for the first time and already registered as a member!
The club couldn’t be any more joyful to have so many guests and new members!

We had a very interesting table topics session as well, thanks to TM Keong. Rather than using the usual way of giving volunteers titles in sentence, he printed out pictures instead, and ask the volunteer to come up with a title AND a speech. It was truly ingenious of him!

We would also like to thank the Area P5 Governor, Gaya to share a meeting with us, it was nice to have her around, not to mention a good evaluation of one of the Project Speeches made by our member. We are hoping that she will come back again.

As the theme said it, it’s important for us to be aware that we are worth something, and we should stop looking down upon ourselves and boost up your self-esteem because who knows? You might actually be better than anyone you think is good!

At last, we are glad to have a new member in our Toastmaster family, Edward. We hope he find himself comfortable here. (:


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