25th July 2011 : A trip down memory lane!

This meeting is very meaningful as it brought us one step nearer to our goal for this year : reaching 25 members!
Why? Because we have a new member : TM Jamil.
On top of that, we had 2 guests that attended the meeting : Mani and David.
This may not mean that they are going to be members for sure, but at least there’s a possibility!
Now, coming to the theme of the week; A trip down memory lane. Personally, as the Vice President of the Public Relations, this theme is has brought the members at least a little closer. We got to know each others background, if not a lot, a little. We even got to know how TM Yap met his wife, thanks to our table-topics master, TM Chloe. She also did her 4th prepared speech on the topic “Shoes”, and through this speech we all can sense that she have a great passion for footwear.
TM Jamil, the new member also made his first prepared speech, the ice-breaking speech. For a first-timer, he did well(in my opinion, but I believe that the other members thought so too).

Overall, the meeting was great. It was smooth sailing, we had 2 guests, a new member, and good attendance. 8/10 marks I’d say!


2 thoughts on “25th July 2011 : A trip down memory lane!

  1. Well done and congratulation for adding a new member to the club! However the date should be 25th July not 25 August. Lets move the quality of the meeting to a higher level.

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