18/7/2011 Meeting

With a surprising number of 7 members only, we had the shortest meeting of all the meeting I’ve ever attended. It was us, the new EXCO members’ fault since we did not organize the meeting properly. However, the seniors did not blame us, as this was our first ever meeting planned on our own. Nevertheless, we still carried on with the meeting.

The theme of the meeting was : What’s stopping you?

“A baby elephant was chain to a pole in the circus, and no matter how hard it tried, it will not let loose. Baby elephant did not give up for a while, but after awhile it eventually got tired and stayed put in it’s position like all the adult elephants did. Year after year, baby elephant grew up and finally had the strength to break those rusty chains, but it didn’t. It could easily break the chains and escape into the wild but what’s stopping it? Itself.” – Quoted from the President herself on the opening speech.

I hope you readers understand the meaning behind this interesting little short story. Cheers!


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