New Exco Members

Hm.. I’m not sure whether to describe this meeting a happy one or sad one. Happy because we are finally taking over the Exco posts, or sad because our beloved Mr. Keong is retiring from his President post.

Moving on, the theme for today’s meeting is “Greatest Pleasure” as mentioned in the previous post. Table topics master, TM Pei Lim came up with a list of topics that were all related to pleasure, which was quite ingenius of her, at the same time the topics were quite tough.

TM Victoria, TM Pei Lim(again) and TM Vicki (me) did our 3rd project speech today. Victoria’s topic was the “Busting out excuses to not exercise”, Pei Lim’s “The simple pleasures in life” and Vicki’s “Green Living Tips”.

We were surprised by 2 guests, Jamil and Arie. We’re honored to have them here today to experience a typical Toastmaster meeting and looking forward to meeting them again.

The meeting ended with Pei Lim giving a small speech on her new presidency.

TM Keong, even though you’re not our president anymore, we still respect you as much as before and will always seek you for guidance!


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