25th April 2011 Meeting: Vision

The meeting started with the club president stressing the importance of vision to individuals and to the club. After that, TM Yap took control as the TME and he introduced TM Vicki to kick start the table topic session. This was followed by a brief humorous session before the installation of new members.

UKAY Toastmasters Club proudly welcome six new members: Victoria, Le Ann, Jen Li, Vicki, Chloe, and Pei Lim to the family of toastmasters (Photo). During the installation session, new members promised to participate actively in the club’s meeting and attend the meeting regularly. The existing members in turn pledged to support and to make the new members their toastmasters membership a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

TM Vicki, TM Pei Lim and TM Jen Li delivered their 2nd project speeches after the coffee break. TM Vicki shared with us the story of her adorable dogs. TM Pei Lim made everyone pondered about their life with her speech which title ‘The Regret of the Dying”. Finally, TM Jen Li cheered everyone with her speech “Justine Bieber Fever”.

General evaluation was conducted by TM Arul. The best table topic speaker and best speech went to TM Pei Lim. The best speech evaluator went to TM Sabariah.


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