11th April 2011 Meeting: Helping Each Others

TM Keong surprised everyone in his president opening speech by singing “People who helps people are the happiest people in the world”. He invited everyone to practice the spirit of helping each other as stated in the mission of toastmasters.

TM Sabariah did well as the TME. TM Keong went into action as the table topic master. The table topic was given in the form of object hidden in the bag. The members were asked to closed their eyes and put their hand into a bag and grabbed an object like calculator, hair gel, diary, table number, receipt and pencil box (Photo) . TM Arul initially thought that he was not allowed to read the table topic title when in actual fact it was just an object without any title.

The humorous session was fun and ‘technical’. Jen Li asked everyone which animal is the stingiest. The answer is (guess what) a horse. The reason is that when the horse runs, it makes the sound of kedekut…kedekut…kedekut (Kedekut is Malay word for stingy).  Six more members shared their so called ‘technical’ jokes. It was full of fun and laughter especially it made the senior members felt young again.

Our junior members were very proactive, three junior members (Victoria, Le Ann, and Chloe) delivered their speech, Pei Ling, Vicki (Photo)  and Jen Li were the Ah counter, time keeper and grammarian respectively.

The senior members like Arul, Sabariah, Zahira and Keong supported them by taking up roles like speech evaluator and general evaluator. Everyone listened attentively and learned from each others. This is the night when everyone going home with values. This is the spirit of helping each other.  

It was awesome!


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