14th March Meeting: Caring

There were a few special guests who attended the meeting, namely TM Hakim, the Division P Governor, TM Hassan, one of the pioneer members of the UKAY Toastmasters Club more than 10 years ago and TM Sandy, a member from another Toastmasters Club.

The theme for the night was “Caring”. The President, TM Keong, gave his opening speech and said that a person could be caring simply by smiling towards the others. During that meeting, three out of six of us took a role respectively. Jen-Li was the “AH” Counter, Victoria was the “Timer” and Chloe was the “Grammarian”.

As usual, Table Topic Session was the most interesting part of the entire meeting. Table Topic Master for the meeting, TM Arul said the topics he prepared wasn’t really related to the theme “Caring” but he asked us to volunteer and speak on the topics as if we care. A very clever technique that should be noted down. This time, he asked for volunteers before reading out the topics, which made impromptu speeches even harder. On top of that, the type of topics given were in the form of story telling. TM Hassan (photo) was the first to volunteer to speak. His speech was impressive. He’s an experienced Toastmasters and his peak of being a Toastmasters was when he delivered a speech in front of few ten thousands of audience. He too, stressed to us, the new members, that Toastmasters Club would really changed us into a new person who’s able to speak confidently in front of the public. I’m definitely looking forward to this day, even though it would take as long as 10 years to do so.

The Toastmasters were active in the Table Topic Session. They did not hesitate to volunteer themselves to speak. The idea of not knowing what to speak in advance did not seem to bother them. By contrast, the 6 of us did not hesitate to not volunteer ourselves. It’s obvious that TM Arul wanted the 6 of us to speak more but no one wanted to volunteer. The speeches given by the Toastmasters were simply too good. I wanted to just sit there and listen to each and everyone of them to deliver their impromptu speeches. I urged Li Ann and Vicki to grab the chance and volunteer as they haven’t had the chance to experience to speak in the Table Topic Sessions. In the end, Jen-Li and I stood up and spoke even though we didn’t volunteer ourselves. How could you say no when the Toastmasters looked into your eyes and asked “How about you? Would you like to stand up and speak?” My topic was about I reaching the airport after dodging through heavy traffic flow but only to realize I didn’t bri ng my air ticket. I managed to speak for awhile though I ran out of ideas within a minute.

Contributed by Ting Pei Lim


One thought on “14th March Meeting: Caring

  1. hi Tm Ting,
    Just to let u know that taking yr time to write about the last meeting was
    proactive and interesting reading. So, a big thank you, plse keep it up!

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