28th February 2011 Meeting: Colourful Life

The meeting can only be summarized in one word BEUTIFUL! 17 ‘colourful’ people including 6 guests and TM Dhana’s granddaughter made the meeting memorable (photo).

The role players were excellent. TM Howard started the table topic with some unusual titles for the theme: Rainbow, Favourite Actress, Canada, Ox, Gigi, Favourite TV Programme and Liberty. Everyone was having a lot of fun with the table topic, even two of the guests spoke on the topic given without shy. Every one laughed after TM Howard disclosed how he got the title. It turned out that he was inspired by a Cantonese TV series called ‘Colourful life’ or ‘Rainbow’ in Cantonese. The lead actress name is Gigi. She was born in the year of ‘Ox’ and her Zodiac is Libra (Liberty). She now resides in Canada.

The atmosphere were so great that during coffee break, TM Howard and TM Ron Low decided to do their project speeches on the spot. TM Ron Low (photo) made everyone thinking about life when he told everyone his unforgettable journey of life last Christmas.

TM Howard shared with us the history of insurance . TM Kannan finally started his Competent Leadership.


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